The Clerk’s Office has been made aware of a series of scams regarding court dates and fines.  Please note that the Clerk’s Office does not initiate phone calls to Defendants regarding respective court fines or dates to appear in court.

In addition, the Clerk contracts with two collection agencies for delinquent court fines and fees.  If your court fines and fees are not delinquent, you will not receive a call from our collection agents.  If, however, your fees are delinquent, only agents from MSB (formerly Pioneer Credit) or Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP will make phone calls attempting to collect such debts.

In any event, please feel free to call our Call Center at (321) 637-5413 to verify any phone calls you receive regarding court dates and fines, as well as to report any scam phone calls you have received.  You may also e-mail to report these e-mails or phone calls as well.