FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, January 2, 2015

CONTACT: Tyler Winik, (321) 633-7777, (321) 652-0271, 


TITUSVILLE, Fla. – “Barring any future rulings or orders to the contrary, our office will begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses at 8 a.m. on January 6th. As well, deputy clerks will be available to perform marriage ceremonies for interested couples.

As we anticipate higher-than-average customer volume beginning on the 6th, please make sure that you have the following items or have complied with the following requirements:

  • Applicants must have a state-issued photo I.D.; military I.D.; or valid passport.
  • Applicants must know their Social Security number.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age; applicants under 18 must have consent from both parents.
  • Applicants must apply together, in person.
  • Applicants previously married will need to be able to provide the exact date of termination of their prior marriage, either by divorce, death, or annulment.
  • The fee for issuance of a marriage license is $93.50; if applicants have taken a pre-marital course with a registered provider, the fee shall be reduced to $61.00. A copy of the pre-marital course certificate must be presented at the time of application for the fee reduction.
  • The cost for the performance of a marriage ceremony by the Clerk is $30.00.
  • The three-day waiting period between issuance and the effective date of a marriage license may be waived if applicants have taken a pre-marital course, declare a hardship, or are non-Florida residents.
  • The Family Law Handbook may be read in advance at our website under the “General Information” section. Applicants must certify that they have read or obtained a copy of the Handbook before issuance of the marriage license.
  • The Clerk’s online marriage license kiosk is available for all users; however, references to “bride” and “groom” will remain until the Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics has provided an updated marriage license form.”

ABOUT THE CLERK: The Brevard County Clerk of the Circuit Court is the keeper of all the court records in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit for Brevard County. The Clerk is the comptroller, county recorder, and clerk to the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners. Scott Ellis was elected Clerk in 2012 after having previously served as Clerk from 2001 – 2010.