Our office is happy to announce the launch of our beta case search application, Brevard Electronic Court Application (BECA)! 

This free pilot case search application allows customers to access and print court documents from the comfort of their home or office free of charge, reducing in-office copy costs and wait times.

BECA provides new and exciting search capabilities to all user levels, from anonymous public users to attorneys of record to governmental entities.  By implementing this expanded application, the Clerk is able to put more court records online and at the public’s finger tips than ever before.  While anonymous and registered users have access to a bevy of case information, access to protected cases is governed by the Supreme Court of Florida and identity verification for specific user roles.

Users familiar with our current case search application, eFACTS, and our attorney application, AttorneyView, should find BECA a more robust search tool.  BECA will eventually replace these other legacy applications, making way for a single case search application for all users of the Clerk’s office.

In the interim, users are still able to access eFACTS and AttorneyView via our website.  Users are encouraged, however, to register with BECA to avoid any disruption in service when these legacy applications are disabled.  Additionally, the Clerk is no longer accepting any new users for AttorneyView, and is instead registering attorneys through BECA.

Customers with questions or comments are asked to e-mail