Administrative Orders

June 2016
Date Title
6/30/16 16-14-AMD JUDGES - Administrative Judges Files
6/30/16 16-05-S JUDGES - Division and Case Assignments Files
6/30/16 16-26-S JUDGES - Caseload Assignment - Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Jerri L. Collins Files
6/30/16 16-20 JURY - Brevard and Seminole County Jury Excuse Guidelines Files
6/30/16 16-06-B AMD - JUDGES Division Assignments Files
6/28/16 16-22 JUDGES - Appointment of County Court Judges to Handle Circuit Cases in Certain Situations Files
6/28/16 16-21-B MAGISTRATES-Assignment of Cases to Magistrates and Hearing Offices in Brevard County Files
6/28/16 16-25-S CRIMINAL Misdemeanor Probation Services in Seminole County Files
6/28/16 16-23 JUVENILE - Prosecution Alternatives for Youth (P.A.Y) Program Services in Seminole County Files
6/9/16 16-18-S Criminal Alternative Sanctions Program Files
6/9/16 16-19-B Judges Caseload Assignment -Re-assignment of Cases Assigned to Magistrate Leslie Castaldi Files
6/9/16 16-17- B Criminal-Alternative Sanctions Program Files
May 2016
Date Title
5/12/16 16-16-S Judges Caseload Assignment - Ressignment of Cases Assigned to Judge John D. Galluzzo Files
5/12/16 16-15-S County Court-Misdemeanor and Traffic Files
5/10/16 16-13-B MAGISTRATE- Appointment of General Magistrate and Support Enforcement Hearing Officer Files
April 2016
Date Title
4/14/16 16-12-S Administrative Orders- RESCINDS Administrative Orders Files
4/6/16 16-11 COURT REPORTING Files
March 2016
Date Title
3/18/16 16-10-B JUDGES- Caseload Assignment - Re-assignment of Cases Assigned to Judge George W. Maxwell III Files
3/16/16 16-09-B Adminidtrative Orders- Rescinds Administrative Order 15-49-B Files
3/16/16 16-08-B JUDGES-Caseload Assignment-Re-assignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Jennifer Taylor Files