Administrative Orders

June 2017

Date Title
6/20/17 17-26-S Judges-Division and Cases Assignments Files
6/8/17 17-24 AMD- Administrative Rules- Protocol in Eighteenth Judicial Circuit for Use of Thearpy Animals or Facility Dogs in Proceedings Involving a Sexual Offense or Child Abuse, Abandonment, or Neglect Files
6/6/17 17-25-B Judges- Temporary Appointment of County Court Judge Davi E. Silverman to Handle Circuit Family Cases Files
6/6/17 17-03-AMD - JUDGES-Appointment of County Court Judges to Handle Circuit Cases in Certain Situations Files
6/6/17 17-04-AMD JUDGES - Appointment of Curcuit Judges to Handle County Court Cass in Certain Situations Files

April 2017

Date Title
4/25/17 17-19 Fees- Establishment of Due process Service Provider Rates Files
4/18/17 17-18 Attorneys - Court Appointed Attorney Procedure for Appointment of Counsel in Criminal and Civil Proceedings Files

March 2017

Date Title
3/27/17 17-17-S Domestic Relations- Family Division-Standing Temporary Order in Domestic Relations Cases Such as Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity and Domestic Violence Files
3/27/17 17-15 Clerk of Court- Electronic Filing Files
3/15/17 17-16-B Criminal-Procedures for E-Warrants for Search and Arrest Warrants Files

February 2017

Date Title
2/28/17 17-14-S Administrative Rules- Order Establising Guidelines for Public Assembly and Establishment of Restricted Areas for Public Protests Files
2/28/17 17-12-S Judges- Caseload Assignment- Re-assignment of Cases Assigned to Judge susan Stacy Files
2/28/17 17-13-S Judges- Caseload Assignment- Re-assignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Melanie Chase Files
2/6/17 17-10-B Administrative Orders- Rescinds Administrative Order 95-28-B Files

January 2017

Date Title
1/18/17 17-09-B JUDGES- Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Michelle Vitt Baker Files
1/18/17 17-06-B AMD- JUDGES-Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Kelly Ingram Files
1/12/17 17-08-S MEDIATION-Family Law Mediation Program Files
1/6/17 17-07-B Administrative Order-Rescinds 15-25-B Files
1/4/17 17-05-B Judges- Caseload Assignment Files

December 2016

Date Title
12/6/16 16-43-S Judges- Caseload Assignment - Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Melanie Chase Files