Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Program offers individuals the option to make monthly payments toward eligible financial obligations.  Cases that are not eligible for placement on the program include: criminal traffic citations that are suspending an individual’s driver’s license; cases that are on reporting probation with fines that are a condition of probation; and obligations that have been placed with a collection agency.

For traffic related cases, all additional court ordered obligations that are past due, such as court- ordered school, classes, and community service hours, must be completed prior to enrollment in the program.  Those obligations with a future due date are not required to be completed before enrolling. 

There is a $25 fee per case for the program, along with a required minimum down payment per case. In addition to the program fee and required minimum down payment, fees for non-sufficient funds transactions must be paid prior to enrolling.  All delinquency fees must be paid in full to obtain clearance on license suspension.  

For additional information, or to enroll in the program, please contact this office by email, telephone, or in person in one of our five branch locations.