Mailing Addresses

Overnight Delivery For All Departments

UPS, Fed Ex, etc:

Clerk of Court
700 S Park Avenue, Bldg B
Titusville, FL  32780-4015

Administrative Mail

P.O. Box 999
Titusville, FL 32781-0999

Child Support Correspondence

P.O. Box 219
Titusville, FL 32781-0219

Child Support Enforcement payments

State of Florida Disbursement Unit
P.O. Box 8500
Tallahassee, FL 32314-8500

Copy Requests

P.O. Box 2767
Titusville, FL 32781-0267

County Finance Department

P.O. Box 1496
Titusville, FL 32781-1496

Court paperwork, pleadings, filing fees, etc.

P.O. Box 219
Titusville, FL 32781-0219

Human Resources

P.O. Box 999
Titusville, FL  32781

Recording Department

P.O. Box 2767
Titusville, FL 32781-2767

Traffic Fines, Court Fines and Restitution Payments

P.O. Box 919026
Orlando, FL 32891-9026

Pursuant to Section 28.24(26)(b), the clerk will assess a $5.00 partial payment fee "For receiving and disbursing all partial payments, other than restitution payments, for which an administrative processing service charge is not imposed pursuant to Section 28.246, per month."

Traffic School Certificate

Brevard County Clerk
P.O. Box 219
Titusville, FL 32781-0219
(fax) 321-264-7702