Administrative Orders

February 2018

Date Title
2/18/18 18-07-S JUDGES-Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Jessica Recksiedler Files
2/9/18 18-06-S DRUG COURT- Felony Substance Abuse Pro-Trial Intervention Supersedes 01-19-S Files

January 2018

Date Title
1/30/18 18-05-B-Jury Districts for Brevard County - Supersedes 13-33-B Files
1/29/18 18-04-S JUDGES-Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge John D. Galluzzo Files
1/22/18 18-02-S County Court-Misdemeanor and Traffic Supersedes 16-15-S Files

December 2017

Date Title
12/7/17 17-04-2nd Amd- Judges Appointment of Curcuit Judges to Handle County Court Cases in Certain Siutations- Supersedes 17-04 Amd Files
12/7/17 17-46-B Probate and Guardianship - Fingerprinting of Guardians Files
12/6/17 17-03-2nd Amd Judges- Appointment of County Court Judges to Handle Circuit Cases in Certain Situations-Supersedes 17-03 Amd Files

October 2017

Date Title
10/19/17 17-26-S JUDGES- Division and Case Assignments Files
10/2/17 17-41-S JUDGES- Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Melissa D. Souto Files
10/2/17 17-40-B JAIL - FARM TIME- Alternative to Incarceration Program (ATIP) Files

September 2017

Date Title
9/25/17 17-39 Administrative Orders - Rescinds Administrative Orders Files
9/25/17 17-38 PROBATE & GUARDIANSHIP Establishing Surety Bonds for Public Guardians Files
9/25/17 17-37 MENTAL HEALTH - Confidentiality of Examining Committee Reports Files
9/18/17 17-35-B Clerk of Court- Rescheduling of September 11, 2017, Infraction Hearings Before Traffic Hearing Officer-hurricane Irma Files
9/13/17 17-34-B Cancellation of Foreclosure Sale-Hurricane IRMA Files

August 2017

Date Title
8/28/17 17-33-B Probate & Guardianship - Approved course of Instruction and Education for Non-Professional Guardians Appointed by the Court Files

July 2017

Date Title
7/27/17 17-32-B Administrative Orders- Rescinds Administrative Orders Files

June 2017

Date Title
6/28/17 17-29-B CRIMINAL-Alternative Sanctions Program Files
6/28/17 17-30-S CRIMINAL- Alternative Sanctions Program Files